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The red balloon

I recently got to see this amazing short film – Le Ballon rouge – for the first time. Set in Paris, it tells the story of a young boy who one day finds a balloon which seems to have a mind of its own and starts following him around. The pure joy and wonder of this film is something very unique and it’s definitely worth seeing. It reminds me of childhood and how the simplest thing can be magical. How intricate fairy tales are born our of a single leaf or a rock which has a vague resemblance to a horse (as was the case for me and my brother). But there is also a melancholy to this film which comes from the adults, who think the balloon is foolish, and the other children, who viciously try to steal it from the boy.

People grow up and as things get more complicated, we begin to lose our sense of wonder and replace it with pragmatism. The red balloon reminded me that once in a while I should think back to those days of childhood and frolicking on the mountains (which my friends relentlessly tease me about)…a brief escape!


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I could listen to the Mumford and Sons album on repeat forever! Is that so wrong? On a lazy Saturday afternoon with a cup of tea I think it’s the perfect thing to do! (especially if the Central line is suspended between White City and Holborn!)

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