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The financial crisis in a nutshell?


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Just because something sounds kinda kooky it doesn’t mean it won’t be amazing…

Today I had the privilege to see one of the most amazing films I have ever seen, Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams. The documentary’s subject is the awe-inspiring Chauvet cave in France which contains paintings 32,000 years old (the oldest ever discovered). I will not attempt to review the film, as this is not my trade.

I can however recommend it to anyone. By far the best, and most relevant use of 3D I have ever seen, the film transports you into a new state of being. You want to touch the cave, the paintings and the beautiful stalagmites, which serve as a connection between us and our ancestors. The two worlds can never meet however, and we are left to speculate about their life and what the paintings mean. Most importantly however, this film opens a window into our own existence and very directly asks: what does it mean to be human?

Tempting as it would be, I will not delve any further. The question I take away from the movie is posed quite shockingly at the end: Are we the human equivalent of the mutated albino crocodiles living only miles away from the cave in a nuclear water greenhouse? Do we bear any resemblance to our ancestors and their way of living other than our insatiable desire to express ourselves?

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I recently had a bit of a panic attack about food and more precisely about nasty additives that seem to have made their way into pretty much everything you can buy in a shop. My panic was induced by the sight of what the ingredients of chicken stock are! I should have probably known that powdered chicken stock wasn’t the best thing for me but it’s still pretty scary stuff!

For a few days I felt like I was doomed to never be able to eat anything again. I am in no way a health nut and I don’t exercise or anything like that…what freaked me out is that we have reached a point in time where additives, flavourings, colourings are found in pretty much everything from bread to the lovely cured meats I love so much!! And just because something contains no artificial ones, that doesn’t mean it’s good for you! Turns out there are some things out there that can be called ‘natural’ that in fact are as bad as the artificial stuff.

Anyway…I returned to a more healthy state of mind when someone correctly pointed out that there’s no way I can completely eliminate everything that’s bad for me and that moderation is key! Great advice.

So I’ve starting paying a little more attention to what I buy, having a quick look at the list of ingredients, and trying to make more from scratch. I’ve been finding that for every product out there, there’s usually an alternative that’s slightly less bad for you.

This was how I found The Food Doctor. Their tag line is ‘Eat better forever’, which is quite an ambitious proposition. Nevertheless, I hope I can start eating better…for now.

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A glimpse of spring today as I was walking to work, listening to the beautiful of Florence And The Machine.

Song of today:



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I stopped taking plastic bags from shops last August. I now tend to have a reusable/canvas bag with me at all times. Until I got in the habit I did tend to get myself in sticky situations, where I’d have to carry my food shopping home in my arms. Much like Pavlov’s dog however, I learned.

I’d like to say it’s been hard but it wasn’t. It was really easy once I made the decision to refuse taking the bags. It was just a matter of committing myself to this particular course of action. I now have the most adorable strawberry eco shopping bag that lives in my handbag.

I’m not advocating everyone should do this but it’s a really easy thing to do. People always go on about how they want to make a difference, how they want to ‘be more green’. It’s sad to see how sometimes it’s just talk or the inconvenience isn’t worth it.

So if you haven’t given anything up for lent yet, maybe give up plastic bags?

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I first saw this video quite a while ago but remembered about it recently! Being a fan of the whole Jimmy Kimmel/Matt Damon/Ben Affleck saga, I think this is a hilarious sketch!


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Every time I walk past the Godiva shop in Covent Garden I want to drop everything, empty my bank account and go live as a chocolate eating hermit!

Like this!

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