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…Rebekah Brooks is the answer according to a short article in tonight’s Evening Standard (scroll to the bottom).  The piece compares Murdoch’s favourite to a strange mix of these two mythical creatures and seems to suggest that the reason Mrs. Brooks has become a person of such wide interest and public contempt in the phone hacking saga is because she is a woman who knows what she wants and will prioritize her own ambitions.

If this is the case and the reason for the uproar, I am as a woman outraged and as a member of the public embarrassed. For my part, the reason why I would want Rebekah to be held accountable is because her alleged actions were illegal, self-interested, morally objectionable and down right evil!

That is to say, I would have the same feelings of contempt and nausea towards anyone, male of female, who was a part of stealing people’s private information. As a woman however, I think it would be wrong to become convinced that the only way to advance in a career is to either be manipulative and use my “charms” or otherwise to behave like a banshee. Hopefully we have more to offer in terms of competence and intelligence in the workplace and people are able to look past our sex and see that. If I’m wrong however, being at the naive starting point of my career, I am in for a rough ride.


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