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This week I officially returned to Sheffield for my last year of university! For the past year I’ve been in London on a work placement, putting everything I learned in my first two years into practice. But now I’m back baby! I guess I should technically change the title of my blog but I don’t think I will…

My first impressions of being back were amazing. After an exhausting journey I finally got to what will be my house for the year, a house I’d never seen before. With the care free attitude of a typical student, I proceeded to call my friends and invite them round to see my new room. After that I went to their house for dinner and drinks! No cares in the world! That’s not to say that university always means no cares in the world, but unlike work, where you have to be on it from day #1, university eases you in to the inevitable madness of lectures, seminars, assignments, essays and the dreaded dissertation.

I’m looking forward to all of it! I loved working but having a real job for a year drove home a few truths, like the fact that working 9to5 will become the reality of my life post graduation. That’s why I fully appreciate that my last year of university is my last opportunity to live in this suspension of reality called student life.

So bring on the all-nighters and the ready meals I guess. Actually I hope I’ve gotten a bit wiser with age…



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This morning I woke up with a strange urge to listen to summery, folksy music. So I started listening to this song, which I’ve loved for a long time. Now I can’t stop and it’s been on repeat for a while…

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