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Oh my, it’s been a long time! Something suddenly reminded me that I had this blog, and I feel compelled to have another go at semi-regular posts. Perhaps it’s because recently I feel like I’ve been bulldozing through life without giving myself a chance to breathe. Writing is a chance to slow down and contemplate, and I think I’m ready to do that.

In any case, I don’t want this to get too deep too soon so I’m going to stick to ‘what is says on the tin’ (a favourite phrase among Brits, which I love): five songs for the week! It’s a varied offering so if you stumble, pick yourself up and keep going.

White Rabbits – Percussion Gun

I feel like I’ve posted this song before, or at least meant to. In any case it deserves to be on this list just because of the repeat plays today! A bit of indie rock never hurt anyone and I really like the singer’s voice on this track, very husky!

Jeff Buckley – Just Like a Woman

Any OC-watching-indie-kid has listened and cried to Hallelujah: “it just speaks to me”! I don’t believe that mass consumption can ruin a track if it’s truly beautiful, and that’s the case with Hallelujah. However, I think Jeff Buckley is worth a deeper look. His album Grace is soulful from start to finish. However, this cover of Bob Dylan’d Just Like a Woman is accomplished in every way it needs to be, and so powerful emotionally. Once you’ve heard it, you can never forget it.

Nina Simone – Feeling good (Nicolas Jaar edit)

An electronic mix of a Nina Simone song?! Why why why? Because it’s amazing that’s why. It makes me think of summer and sitting on a terrace with a beer and friends…and I’m feeling good.

JJ – Still Dre (Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg)

This is where my ignorance shows. I’d never heard of this song (the original) until I went away with my friends for New Year’s (always a great musical education). The original is very good, but I could listen to this modern, dreamy cover with it’s old school beats in the background  over and over again (which I have done). What I like the most about listening to music is our ability to create an association between a specific event and a song, and then every time you hear the song you are overwhelmed by that feeling! It’s a wonderful thing and it’s exactly what this song does for me.

Jay Z ft. Frank Ocean – Oceans

While I was away many things happened: Jay Z released a new album, I saw Jay Z live, JT came out for Holy Grail, we were all happy, and after many repeat plays of the album I decided this song was my favourite. Phew, what a journey. In all seriousness, I love this song and I’m so glad it introduced me to the wonderfully dreamy voice of Frank Ocean.


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