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Gelato run

Since being on holiday here in Rome I’ve been eating A LOT of gelato. I’ve had it most days, except Thursday. However, considering I had it twice yesterday, the one day break doesn’t really count. I’m quite shocked at my apparently insatiable appetite for the frozen treat. I wasn’t into ice-cream at all before coming to Rome but then again I wasn’t used to temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius on a daily basis. However, I think the main difference is in the way ice-cream, or rather gelato, is eaten here. Instead of consuming it as if it’s a dirty little secret, in the privacy of their own home or in the darkness of the cinema, Romans eat ice-cream out in the open, on the street, sociably. On my first night here, my uncle and his wife took me out for pizza. After leaving the pizzeria, we got back in the car but instead of driving home we went to a gelateria, which is an ice-cream shop. We had to wait at least 10 minutes to get served, due to the long queue of people hungry for gelato at 11pm! I asked my uncle if this was normal and he said yes. Everyone goes for gelato late at night!

Last night, after having dinner at home, we got in the car, in the search for gelato yet again. My uncle’s favourite gelateria was closed, probably because yesterday was a public holiday here in Rome. This didn’t discourage us however, and after a half hour drive through Rome’s crazy late night¬† traffic, we once again found ourselves holding cups of gelato.¬† While tourists seem to mainly eat gelato during the day, to cool off while sight-seeing, which is something I’ve done myself, Romans mainly have it at night, after dinner. Young or old, weather they are heading back home or out clubbing, most people hit the gelateria between 10pm and 1am.

In addition to the sociable aspect of eating gelato, the diversity of flavours and the amazing taste is light-years ahead of our favorite kind of American-import ice-cream in the UK (you know the one I’m talking about). My new-found love for gelato is one of the many things I love about Rome! Last night after having our gelato we drove to one of the city’s many hills to take in a panoramic view of Rome at night. It was breathtaking and although I’ll be leaving Rome soon, I will definitely be coming back soon, if only to have some gelato.

Which one to choose?


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